Keystone enhances the customer experience and connects its agents with smart tools via new agent portal

    By November 3, 2020BLOG POSTS


    In the insurance industry, data is powerful – and overwhelming – without the best technology. Keystone is harnessing insurtech with a new agent portal utilizing Veruna. The agent portal bridges simplicity with the flexibility of today’s technology, resulting in a powerful, customized user experience.

    “Business moves at the speed of light, and agents need the right resources at their fingertips,” noted Beth Bedisky, chief marketing officer. “Our new agent portal incorporates artificial intelligence and other advanced automation allowing for greater ease of use and connection with peers through shared interests. By leveraging Veruna’s technology, we’re able to augment the agent’s journey with automated tools that they can easily access and deploy to clients when they want to showcase the resources they have through Keystone.”

    The first customizable, open platform AMS

    Veruna is the first open platform Agency Management System that is customizable to an independent insurance agency’s business processes. The technology creates a seamless customer journey by handling sales, service, and accounting in one place. Sales teams can stay on track with their goals and better leverage their lead pipelines, while owners can understand the most lucrative business opportunities using customized dashboards and seamless integrations. Built on Salesforce, Veruna connects to a host of other marketing, account management, and customer service apps.

    “Keystone’s community portal is a prime example of utilizing Salesforce a platform-as-a-service to work smarter, not harder! Employees, not developers, can configure the portal to communicate, kick-off processes that work in the agency management system and consolidate resources for agency efficiency. We are so proud of what Keystone has built for its partners and honored that they chose Veruna and Salesforce as part of its technology solution,” says Jennifer Carroll, CEO of Veruna.  “And this is JUST the beginning.  Veruna has ambitious plans to further leverage Salesforce’s capabilities to help agencies sell more and retain customers. We know Keystone will be there step by step to test our MVPs and share ideas.”